How much do you want that Promotion?

One of my hobbies is observing and studying successful people. Every one of them has one thing in common, they have a story and in the telling of that story you will find self sacrifice, the price they paid for success.

The Dream Job

Is the job you do your "dream" job? Are you working towards your "dream" job?

"I Feel Like A leader"

"He hangs out with me, that’s how he gets ready “was Michelle Obama’s response when she was asked “how your husband gets ready for Important TV debates”.


Unshakeable self-belief, that quiet confidence and solid self-efficacy, your own sense of your capabilities. The first Lady knows her worth and what her capabilities are and is clearly a formidable force supporting the President


What every teacher should teach.

Thank you Seth Godin for sharing your ideas. I am a big fan of Seth Godin and read his books and blogs every day. I just have to share this blog which resonated with me as I am a trainer/teacher/coach who has the privilege of helping people change. I have re-invented this blog into the 10 commandments for all students.