The Dream Job

Is the job you do your "dream" job? Are you working towards your "dream" job?

I stumbled into training in my first few years whilst working in the Civil Service. I stayed in training, being careful to go for posts that always had elements of training, including consultancy roles. I had an opportunity in the private sector to become a training manager, I turned it down because I wanted and loved being the trainer. Without conscious intention at that time I was following my intuition and it eventually led me to start my own training business and now an online training business with my business partner Linda.

Below is a letter from a client and the reason that what we do is so rewarding..

“Attending Mary Keightley's 'Female Empowerment' programme has had a rapid transformational effect on my career and life in general.  The course content caused me to shift some of my limiting beliefs, gave me a new insight into gender intelligence and taught me practical skills such as the impact of lowering my tone of voice.  

Within two weeks of attending the Female Empowerment Programme I was successful at interview and promoted in work.

This would never have happened if I had not attended the course with Mary. Prior to attending the course I had no desire for promotion but felt frustrated in my current role.  Her unique personal style and her very focused and incisive inputs meant that she was able to quickly identify key areas for development which enabled me to quickly shift my perspective and self-belief.   I am only now beginning to realise my true potential and had I not attended the course I would never have put myself forward for promotion.

Mary delivers an outstanding course and has exceptional coaching skills - I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to make real changes in their life to realise their full potential.


All I did with this lady was help her believe in her ability; re-direct her focus and she did the rest. Change can happen very quickly if you want it and work for it. I just feel privileged to do a job that I love and grateful that both my mother and my father gave me the belief that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Loving it just makes it easy..