How much do you want that Promotion?

One of my hobbies is observing and studying successful people. Every one of them has one thing in common, they have a story and in the telling of that story you will find self sacrifice, the price they paid for success.

To become “great” requires blood, sweat and tears. Winners know this, take responsibility and understand that personal pain is part of the journey; they keep their eyes on their vision and their focus on the goal they want to achieve. They plan with military precision and they execute that plan with steel discipline. They know there is no short cut to success and persistence is compulsory.

Ok, last year I wrote the above in a blog about paying the price. So why I am bringing this up again? Promotion Boards that’s why!

If you want the board, I mean really want it; you would do whatever it takes to get that promotion, right? then talk to us about 1:1 Success at Interview Coaching. The Success at Interview Coaching means you get 7hrs minimal coaching, most get more, and they begin 8-12 weeks studying before their board (1 hour a week coaching and 3-4 hours personal preparation. This gives you the best chance. In 2 years of coaching, of all the candidates who have completed our Success at Interview Coaching programme we have only had 2 failures. (1 man and 1 woman) and the lady just missed the cut by 2 positions.

If you just ask for 1or 2 coaching sessions even up to 4 sessions all crammed the week or fortnight before your board you are not doing yourself justice and we will not count you in our success or failures statistics. The 1:1 Success at Interview process works but believe us when we say, it is hard work, and it needs 8 to 12 weeks in getting ready time.

I say it now and I have said it before “success comes at a price”. The question for you is “what price are you willing to pay? Not just the financial cost but time, effort and commitment.