"I Feel Like A leader"

"He hangs out with me, that’s how he gets ready “was Michelle Obama’s response when she was asked “how your husband gets ready for Important TV debates”.


Unshakeable self-belief, that quiet confidence and solid self-efficacy, your own sense of your capabilities. The first Lady knows her worth and what her capabilities are and is clearly a formidable force supporting the President


Leadership is about being comfortable being uncomfortable. Standing out, taking risks, making difficult decisions that may mean being unpopular, these are all part of the role of leadership at different times. 


A key question for a woman in leadership is “Can you handle the two emotional sides a leadership role presents?  Leadership is easy when all is well and you have and respect, recognition, support and admiration from your colleagues and followers. In these times you feel powerful and have pride and confidence. What about when all is not well and you have instead, suspicion, undermining, personal attacks, no support and criticism from your colleagues and followers. When this happens and you feel isolation, betrayal, loneliness, exposure, fear and doubt. This is your moment and your biggest test. What you do next will define your leadership.

The dark side of leadership is tough on all leaders but expect it. Rise to the challenge, having a PHD in emotion management is a requirement for any leader male or female. Great leadership is defined in how you navigate the difficult times not the easy times. Emotional Intelligence and believing in your own talent and capability gives you a head start in the race to the boardroom.