How much do you want that Promotion?

One of my hobbies is observing and studying successful people. Every one of them has one thing in common, they have a story and in the telling of that story you will find self sacrifice, the price they paid for success.

The Dream Job

Is the job you do your "dream" job? Are you working towards your "dream" job?

"I Feel Like A leader"

"He hangs out with me, that’s how he gets ready “was Michelle Obama’s response when she was asked “how your husband gets ready for Important TV debates”.


Unshakeable self-belief, that quiet confidence and solid self-efficacy, your own sense of your capabilities. The first Lady knows her worth and what her capabilities are and is clearly a formidable force supporting the President


What every teacher should teach.

Thank you Seth Godin for sharing your ideas. I am a big fan of Seth Godin and read his books and blogs every day. I just have to share this blog which resonated with me as I am a trainer/teacher/coach who has the privilege of helping people change. I have re-invented this blog into the 10 commandments for all students.

Are you the Obstacle?

If I could remove one thing from the mind of every woman I train for leadership positions. That one thing would be "doubt" That horrible feeling which feeds the thought "I can't"  and kills your dream. 

You and I both know you can, the real truth is you don't want or you are afraid to. The first clarification needed is that you know the difference between can't do and won't do and that you take all steps possible to eliminate doubt.

I can accept if you don't want to..

For the love of January

Reasons to love..

1. It usually snows and its beautiful and fun.

2. Its my birthday month and that means presents.

3. I make my New Year resolutions and I feel good.

Reasons not to love..

1. It usually snows and its cold and dark.

2. Its my birthday month and that means I will be a year older.

3. I break my New Year Resolutions and I feel bad.

Wondering about Weeds?

As training consultants we get to spend a lot of time working with teams that don’t work and working with team members that don’t work! What is common to all these team members that don't work, is that they choose not to play by the rules. They see themselves outside the team, not in the team. They happily expect the rest of their colleagues to play by the rules but the rules don’t apply to them. Rules get in the way of getting the job done. In great teams each individual aligns to the “team rules”.

Do you agree that you are disagreeable?

If you were described my a male or female colleague as disagreeable, would or should you be offended?

Let start with a definition of agreeableness and the science of personality traits! Conventional personality research defines agreeableness as two related qualities: (1) the extent to which you value getting along with others, and (2) the degree to which you are willing to be critical of others.

Keeping the lights on!

I just watched Steve Job’s address to students at Stanford University in 2005. He talked about three themes in his life:-

  •  Connecting the dots,
  • Love and Loss, and
  • Death.

 Every word he said resonated with me, especially on all three themes but even more so on the theme of death.

As a cancer survivor myself, I have often pondered on two questions,