About Top Women Top Jobs™

What we do?

Our passion is to support your organization to unleash your talent; opportunities and potential for TOP WOMEN. 

Our in-house and online Master Classes; 1:1 Coaching Solutions; Keynotes and eBooks will put you in a new game with new rules. A new game where organizations and you can think and act positively about female ambition, power, visibility and career success.

The Case for Women's Leadership

Gender diversity is proven to promote business growth and profitability. Empowering women at all levels of your management structure will strengthen your corporate governance and help the bottom line:

Business Results: Organizations with inclusive cultures have 39% higher customer satisfaction, 22% greater productivity and 27% higher profitability according to the Cumulative Gallup Workplace Studies

Better Retention:  Companies with inclusive cultures have 22% lower turnover

Access to Diverse Markets: Businesses with diverse workforces have an easier time tapping the diverse marketplace.


Why engage Top Women Top Jobs?

Mary Keightley has a wealth of experience coaching and training women leaders across public and private organisations worldwide. She is passionate about growing women’s leadership. She has both faced significant life and career challenges. She has expert knowledge, skill and successful track records in advancing women's leadership.



Top Women Top Jobs provides:

  • Help for organizations to improve their "Gender Agenda" and develop their female talent pipeline
  • The Game Changer™ and C-Suite Code™ Workshops for high potential women in your organization
  • Online Masterclasses for busy executives on the move
  • Self study e-learning modules
  • 1:1 Coaching Solutions
  • Keynotes speeches for conferences; seminars and retreats
  • 360 Feedback Reports for Women Leaders

Talk to us at Top Women Top Jobs. Changing the Game.  One organization at a time. One woman at a time.