About Mary

Mary Keightley, BA

Mary is Co-Founder of Top Women Top Jobs™ and brings over 18 years of years’ experience in training and coaching top teams and individuals seeking to improve their performance.

Mary is a licensed trainer and coach in a range of leadership and diagnostic tools including Myers Briggs, Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument. She is a registered coach with the Hay group in Emotional Intelligence and Resilience and is a master practitioner in NLP. She also is a licensed trainer and facilitator in strategic planning, improvement and control with the Juran Institute and a licensed organisational design, job grading and loading officer.

Mary is especially interested in female leadership; she has delivered a number of empowering female programmes for Police Service Northern Ireland. She also trains and coaches CEO’s and national sales managers and their teams in leadership and attitude. Other projects include designing leadership programmes for Senior Consultants and leadership training in New Delhi, India.

Mary Holds a BA in Public Policy and Management and IPD diploma in Training. She is currently studying psychology and writing a book on women’s leadership.

Mary is regarded as a motivational and inspiring speaker on female leadership and attitude covering mental toughness, confidence and optimism. She is recognised and respected as an expert in her field, she is passionate about learning and demonstrates the highest levels of knowledge and creativity in her webinars and training courses. She quickly becomes her clients trusted advisor.

Mary is passionate about women’s leadership and making training accessible to all women worldwide.


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